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       The Ten Kings of the Sea 

Salvage of Santa Isabella's Treasure by Jacques Mayol
2003 - ISBN 1928649246


Is a fictional story based on real discoveries and experiences made by Jacques Mayol’s around the world in the course of his life dedicated to discovering the underwater secrets of the Sea. 

The story is focused around the search of a Spanish galleon and the discovery of a unique artifact from Atlantis. The search involves the legendary "People of the Sea", Greek Mythology, the last survivor of the “Ten Kings of the Sea” and the last guardian of Atlantis.



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                 Homo Delphinus

The Dolphin Within Man by Jacques Mayol

2000 - ISBN 1928649033


This large format, gorgeously photographed volume, is the culmination of a lifetime of personal oceanic experiences by Jacques Mayol, easily one of the most accomplished free divers of his or any other generation. Homo Delphinus demonstrates an exceptional personal vision of the interaction between one man and the sea. It also provides a superb explanation of how the separate disciplines of science and philosophy come together to allow these extraordinary free diving explorations of the ocean. 


$ 61.28 
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